GateWay22 is an independent advisory firm specialized in Commodity, Energy and Mining finance.

  • The production, treatment, transport and distribution of commodities and natural resources are cash-intensive activities that require a debt/equity ratio acceptable for both lenders and investors.
  • The deleveraging process currently conducted by the banking industry which used to supply most of the debt of those Industries, calls for innovative Solutions, consistent with the changing environment of financial markets.

To perform the value proposition to enhance Client’s access to financial markets with tailor-made Solutions, GateWay22 brings the Expertise of Jean-Michel Guégan and Daniel Wouters  to assist in:

  • Designing the relevant strategy to attain the best available financing terms and conditions.
  • Negotiating and executing the related facilities to ease the time-consuming process for the management whose agenda requires dealing also with other priorities.


Independence and Confidentiality
Performance and Excellence

Added Value

Ability to structure « out of the box » Solutions from short- term commodity finance to medium- long term debt structuring.



To offer the most efficient combination of skills and experience.

Jean-Michel Guégan, Daniel Wouters



To enhance access to financial markets.

Commodity, Energy and Mining Finance



To evaluate financing needs and structure optimal solutions.

Evaluation, Structuring